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With more than 40 years’ history ,Shandong Shengdong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd, is a complex manufactory ,which is concentrated on the production of petroleum machinery equipment, drilling and extracting production fittings and coal mine gas gensets. It is the materials and equipment resources market member of Sinopec Group and China National Petroleum Group , with ISO 9001 quality system's certificate of CCS(China Classification Society), license of Shipping Voyage Repair Unit and certification of marine shipping and platform equipment voyage repair (including foreign ship voyage repair). The company is located in Dongying, Shandong province, the beautiful estuary of the Yellow River. And it enjoys annual production capacity of 300 million yuan.
  With perfect product design, technical study, thermal processing, measure and computer center etc., Scientific research system, with a group of high level designers who are experts in petroleum machinery production. Advanced design thoughts, the idea of all for meeting the customers’ needs and the attitude of Preciseness make our products improve continuously and unceasingly. Our company has decision-making power of intellectual property of all the major products and owns multinomial products’ patents.
  The enterprise has a solid manufacturing technical strength , processing equipment and a complete range of testing capabilities. It has 100 kit meticulous, big, rare and numerical control equipments. Drilling and extracting equipments in oil field such as Work-over Rig, tractor hoist, ground anchor machine are sold all over our big oil fields, exported to Middle East, Central Asia and other regions. Pipe flame arrestor and thin water fog transportation system which are supporting products for coal mine gas gensets have been sold to many large coal mines. Diesel gensets and biogas gensets are sold to Sinopec Group, China National Petroleum Group, coal mine , refining and chemical areas. We have the largest, most models of the whole, the longest line of flame acceleration test detonation devices Test-Fire Base. The DN500 pipe flame arrester is of the only maximal diameter which has been tested and approved by the Ministry of Public Security Tianjin fire department.
  The company's main business areas are manufacturing of engineering machinery, oil drilling equipment ,diesel and gas gensets, Petroleum pipe line and drilling tool fittings processing, metal structure manufacturing, installation of mechanical and electric equipment, offshore platform and shipping equipment repairing, production of pipe flame arrestor and low and high pressure hydraulic hose .It also devotes itself to the sales of petroleum machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, fittings for smeltery, ship making factory, and heavy duty automobile factory, etc.
  Our company will still insist on regarding users’ needs as the highest quality standard, continue regarding science and technological innovatio
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No.88, Dezhou Road, Dongyin City, Shandong[257077]
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