Gas Generator Sets

Date: 05 Jan 2010
Detailed Product Description:

Features of DC-driven drilling rigs:
1.High efficiency: Heat efficiency is about 32% - 40%; The CHP System efficiency can even reach 80%. And the genset uses few water and power itself.
2.Broad scope: The fuel can be coal mine gas (with firedamp content over 5%), high hydrogen content, low heat (over 900kcal), low pressure gas (over 300mmH2O).
3.Rated power range: It can run single or run in grid.
4.Advanced technology: The inflammation technology is our factory's patent, and the genset can be controlled with computer. The key spare part such as timing part, sparkle part, adjusting pressure valve etc. are the advanced products in the world. The generator are produced according to Siemens Technical certificate.
5.Small dimension and weight, easy to install and deliver.
6.Fast on and off. Easy operation and maintenance.
7.It takes little time to build the power station (about one month to build a power station).
8.Safety: The genset has several protection safeguards; In grid, it has self protection function.
9.We can supply the relatied systems, such as coal mine gas send-off system, methane handling system etc., and these systems are both inexpensive and advanced.

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Shengli Oilfield Tongtai International Trading Company Limited
Room 704, Shengtai Mansion, No.604, Xisi Rd, Dongying, Shandong, China[257000]
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