Natural Gas Generatorn Set 600GF-RT

Date: 31 Aug 2009

600GF-RT Natural Gas Generator Set technical data:

Type:                                          600GF-RT

Engine type:                                T12V190ZLD

Engine type:                                1FC6 454-6LA42-Z

Control panel type:                       PLT-600

Rated speed RPM:                         1000r/min

Rated power                                  600kw
Rated currency                               1082A

Rated voltage                                 400V

Rated factor(COSΦ)                        0.8(lagged)

Rated frequency                              50Hz               

Phases and connecting                   three phase,4cable                

voltage regulation                            automatic

Excitation                                         brushless

Engine oil consumption                    1.5g/kWh

Heat consumption                            11MJ/kWh

Speed regulator                               2301A Speed regulator,AMERCAN WOODWARD PRODUCT  

nitiate mode                                     24V direct currency initiation              

cooling:                                           forced water cooling and      heat interchanging of heat exchanger

Overall dimensions                          5925×1970×2698                                

Net weight                                      12500kg


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Dongying Jianxin Petroleum Equipment Company
Dongzhao Building,Dongying City[257000]
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