Nitrogen PSA

Date: 04 Dec 2009

IGS SMC offers highly economical nitrogen generator and systems from small portable nitrogen generator units to large tonnage nitrogen plants suitable for refining, chemical processing and other applications. Low investment costs and low energy consumption are benefits of our nitrogen generators, guaranteeing a solution for every situation. IGS SMC nitrogen generators operate according to PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) technology. High reliability, low operating costs and long lifetime are standard features of any IGS nitrogen generator plant. The PSA process for nitrogen generation mirrors that of nitrogen but utilizes CMS (carbon molecular sieve) instead of zeolite. Due to the adsorption properties of specially treated CMS, it's possible to produce nitrogen by charging two alternatively used adsorber vessels with compressed air. While one vessel adsorbs, the other regenerates by pressure reduction. IGS SMC has developed a proprietary mix of cycle timing and molecular sieve types to reach desired purity at maximum efficiency. IGS SMC offers the broadest range of standard and custom designed PSA on the market place.


? The only supplier to offer several PSA configurations to the market

? We offer Modular PSA series that will grow with your increased demand for nitrogen

? Reliability of operation is second to none

? High efficiency operation (lowers your power costs)

? Customized engineering to meet your process requirements

? Minimal space requirements needed for our systems

? Your own independent on-site supply of nitrogen and freedom from the ever escalating costs of nitrogen from industrial gas suppliers

? Savings of over 50% compared to traditional industrial gas supply methods

? IGS SMC offers cabinet, skidded, containerized nitrogen PSA systems

? Our system designs are specifically tailored to our Proprietary CMS

? Long-term commitment to R&D utilizing integrated, fully-functioning pilot facility

? Ability to custom design our larger nitrogen generator plants to your specific requirements

? Purities to 99.999% (oxygen<10 ppm)

? Rapid ramp-up to online production

? Remote monitoring and control

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? P.O. Box 9, Shunfeng Road., Shuangliu Aviation Harbor,Chendgu[610225]
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