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Date: 04 Dec 2009

 The OXYSWING? generator extracts the available oxygen in the ambient air from the other gas by applying the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. While the PSA process is running, cleaned ambient air is led to a molecular sieve bed, which allows the oxygen to pass through as a product gas, but adsorbs other gases. The sieve releases the adsorbed gases to the atmosphere, when the outlet valve is closed and the bed pressure returns to ambient pressure. Subsequently the bed will be purged with oxygen before fresh compressed air will enter for a new production cycle. In order to guarantee a constant product flow, IGS SMC's oxygen generators use two molecular sieve beds, which alternatively switch between the adsorption and the regeneration phase. Under normal operating conditions and with correct maintenance the molecular sieve beds will have an almost indefinite lifetime.



 Low Operating Pressures, no Hazardous Storage. Heavy, high pressure gas cylinders no longer needed. Hazardous storage of cryogenic oxygen can be avoided.


 No Distribution and Handling Cost. The on-site production of oxygen by OXYSWING? PSA Oxygen Generators safes you handling and storage cost of high pressure gas cylinders and avoids rental charges, transport cost and bulk user evaporation losse.


 Low Operating Costs.

The OXYSWING? PSA Process has a higher separation efficiency than any other PSA system in the market place. This translates into reduced feed air requirements, resulting into 10 to 25% lower energy requirement than for comparable systems. By reducing moving parts to an absolute minimum and by applying high quality components, maintenance cost will stay at low levels during the entire generator’s lifetime.


 Automatic and Unattended Operation. The generator’s PLC operates the OXYSWING? PSA Oxygen Generator automatically, starting and stopping the oxygen production in direct response to demand in the downstream distribution system.


 Easy to Install and Maintain. OXYSWING? PSA Oxygen Generators have the compressed air inlet and the oxygen outlet at the same side. This means easy installation, even in narrow shop angles. High reliability through fewer moving parts and high quality components.


 Flexible Oxygen Purity and Output Flow . OXYSWING? PSA Oxygen Generators have the advantage of a constant air consumption at different oxygen purities. This means that the oxygen purity can be changed without the need of changing the compressed air system.

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